Teacher’s List (Malibagh Campus):




Mrs. Tasmia Tahmid


B.Sc in Biochemistry & Biotechnology





Mr. Alamgir Hossain

R. Studies, English Language, Bangla, Cr.Writing MA in English

Mr. Ziaul Islam

Science (physics) B. Sc in Computer Science & Eng. MBA in Business
Ms. Sharmin Sultana Rima Science, Dictation Skills B.A and M.A in English
Ms. Subrina Hena Chemistry B.S.S in Management

Ms. Farjana Begum

Eng. Language, Eng. Lit, Math M.S.S in Economics
Ms. Juy Barman Dictation Skills, Science, Bangla, History B.B.A. in Finance

Ms. Hasina Mamtaj

Bangla M. Sc in Botany

Ms. Jahanara Rahman

History, Bangla O’Level, A’Level, BBA

Ms. Munzerin Mohiuddin

English Lit MA in English

Ms. Tomory Barkunnahar

Geography, G.K M. Sc in Geography & Environment

Ms. Asma ul Hosna

English, Math, Bangla, Rhymes B.Ed. M.Ed, MBA

Ms. Farhana Jinnat Shorna

Eng.Lang, History, Accounting BBA in Accounting, MBA in Management

Ms. Zareen Hasna Chowdhury

ICT B.S.C in E.E.E

Ms. Zannatul Ferdus Laizu

Bangla, ECA/SP/DC Hon’s in English

Ms. Jannatul Ferdous

Biology B.S.C.(Zoology) M.S.C(Entomology.)
Ms. Anannya Rahman Khan Eng. Math, Rhrms,Conversation B.A. Interior Architecture
Ms. Shamama Taireen Haque Math MBS in Accounting
Ms. Shamima Khanom ECA  /Sp.Dictation B.S.C and M.S(Geo&Env)Mi:B.S.
Ms. Saila Jahan Pritee Arts & Crafts B.A in Eng. & M.A in Literature